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Securetek Security Group offer a full range of Locksmith services to satisfy both the Commercial and Domestic market Australia wide. Delivering locksmith services for over the past 15 years we excel at being efficient and effective. Our technicians can completely refurbish your vault safe to restore it to reflect its original condition. We have the skills to fortify it, making it more durable and more secure with touches of intimidation to deter criminals from even bothering. Look no further than Securetek Security Group as we offer the most reliable, hassle free, quick, efficient, cost effective and environmentally products and service designed to meet your needs.

Services include but not limited to;

safe opening

In an emergency, locked out and in urgent need to gain access, Securetek has a team of highly experienced technician to gain entry to any type of safe on the market.

safe servicing, repairs and maintenance

It is usually recommended that safe be serviced every 6-12 months to safeguard themselves from faults. Securetek also offers cost effective annual servicing and maintenance contracts. It is essential that repairs and maintenances are actioned immediately to avoid any further issues such as a lock out. Lock outs are very costly and are time consuming, however all this may be avoided with cost effective service calls. Securetek even offers a refurbishment service which may bring the safe to its original state. Working together, you can choose the locking type, internal and external colours and any intricate features such as unique name plates etc. So contact us today to discuss what we can do for you.

safe lock upgrades

There are so many electronic digital locks available on the market today offering a range of capabilities from the most basic user type to the highest security unit which offers over 100 users with Audit trail reports, time delays and dual access.Securetek can upgrade any type of safe or vault to incorporate the most suitable locking device to suit your needs.

A digital lock upgrade can cut down costs and assist in retail shrinkage by tracking each safe user and allowing full access control. Take control and call Securetek today

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